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Danny Phantom - Nostalgia Sketch by MahAmmar Danny Phantom - Nostalgia Sketch by MahAmmar

Someone I follow here on tumblr turned out to be on the Danny Phantom fandom (phandom?) and so, I remember this cartoon once existed and I really enjoyed it - so I went after watching it again and I’m having a blast

I like so many new cartoons, it’s nice to look back and revisit the things I enjoyed back then and that shaped my taste till this day. 

So, here he is! The boy, Danny, in a quick doddle toying around with colors way too bright.

I regret not starting this with “yo danny phantom he was just 14″ but you guys know the gist

fanart is so unusual for me, but here it is high five 

original tumblr post:…

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SilencedSquid Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I somewhat like this piece but i have 3 big problems with it 1. the face is too mature for a teenager, it looks more like the face of a 40 year old man than a teenager i think the cause of this is how 'blocky' or 'chunky' the facial features are so you could make the facial features more curved. 2. the shading is off as he is glowing but the shading is very dark, the shading also looks cheap so you may want to experiment with shading tools/methods. 3. facial expression (smiling, crying, screaming) and body language (fist clenching, punching, running) don't match up in that his facial expression is happy/smiling but his body language of being slumped over with the arms down looks sad or unhappy, I think that this can be fixed by tilting/moving his body to the right (>) a little and moving his arms to left (<) and putting them in an expressive position, this would also would add a sense of 'motion' like he was moving. I hope to see you improve. 
MahAmmar Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello! Again, thanks for the feedback! 

1. the face is supposed to be chunky, again, it's my art style 
Sage L. Copper by MahAmmar  I like squarish/strong jawlined faces 

3 (I'll get to 2 later on, but 3 ties to 1): because of that, this drawing has no intended age for him. I do think is a bit extreme to say he looks 40, but I agree he doesn't look 14 at all, and that's okay. The expression is supposed to be a grim, that ties to the fists and crow over his head, it's a sendback to a fandom alternate universe where Danny is the ghost king, and not always the nicest fella. So he is supposed to be enjoying looking agressive. 

2. I agree completely and I did use a cheap technique! :lmao: It was complete lazyness of my part, but as the title says, this a quick fun sketch for me, for the sake of nostalgia. Your comment does incline me to be more meticulous with my pieces, even if they're just fun doodles. 

Thanks! :D
SilencedSquid Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh well if you just said that this was based on that fandom alternate universe (or AU as they are commonly called) in the description that would have helped me and others understand what kind of look you were going for also i what i meant was that the pose and facial expression don't display the same emotion. oh and i don't think there's a problem with your style but maybe try to make a little less squarish for younger characters but still squarish. 
MahAmmar Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Student General Artist
yeah, maybe less squarish would be nice. 

And I should have made a more complete description, but I usually post to tumblr first and here after, and there the fandom seems to be stronger, so my bad 
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