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*sneeze* BLESS ME PLS
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Hi! \o/
Fri Apr 14, 2017, 12:15 PM
Oh ! hi ! ^^
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hey, dudes! Feel free to shout whatever, I'd love hearing from you!
Sun Apr 2, 2017, 7:13 PM


MahAmmar has started a donation pool!
1 / 300
Hey, dudes! I don't think anyone will be dropping by here :XD: but hey, if you got more points that you'd know what to do with and stuff, drop some here!

For 100 pts I'll do a colored headshot of whatever you want! Woop! Or a non colored sketch of whatever too!
Is that a lot? Man I don't even know tell me if it's a lot idk

:iconpointslaplz: :iconpointslaplz: :iconpointslaplz:

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MahAmmar's Profile Picture
Marina Ammar
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello, everyone!

I'm 21 now, wow. So, let's clean up this place. I hope I'll be able to upload more, now that I'm into digital art and don't have to struggle over not having a decent scanner. Thanks for sticking around all this years
more art:…

Bi Pride by HappynessInThisForm Love is Love Stamp by Cyberknife [Stamp] LGBT pride n support by Qursidae

Everything here circles mostly around the worlds I create with my gf Gigantera and the characters whithin those.
Feel free to ask about those anytime, I'd be happy to answer.

:icontradesopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen:
:iconcommissionsonhold: :iconrequestsonhold:

Feel free to talk to me about anything else too, I like talking and stuff :lmao:
For you guys who voted on the pool - only nice votes! I'm so glad you guys exist Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] being on Deviantart has been making my life so much better. 

I'm very sorry for the delay on making this journal, and I thank deeply everyone who is watching me and everyone who took time to give the pool a vote Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3] You guys are the absolute best. 

Now, let's start!  
Oc's you can ask: 

Mikail Lochlann(aka Sage): the hoodie boi

Sunshine - Sage Smiles by MahAmmar Sage L. Copper by MahAmmar
You guys have seen him around here a lot by this point! The second picture actually has a more or less written summary of his backstory, so if that helps, it exists :lmao: 

Mia Libertas: Sage's best friend and (I freaking HOPE SO girlfriend to be). 

MIA -  If You keep Me Next to You by MahAmmar You Make Me Feel Much Better by MahAmmar
Mia is actually :icongigantera: 's OC, but as we write together and she doesn't have as much as time to be on dA as I have because med school, she said I can put her OC's here too (all art is mine, tho.) Also, because they interact so much with mine. 

Bastien Rosefinch: PINK boy

[Doodle Peek] - Pink Can Do It by MahAmmar  Until the Dead End - Poster by MahAmmar
Bastien is the rough boy that likes punching things, but that's just an outlet. He is actually quite level headed, and very lovable. Also, he doesn't punch people that have no interest to fight, you guys. It's all a-ok

Agnes Veress (aka Ags): smol angryness
Cuties on an invisible bench.jpg by MahAmmar  [Expression Meme 2] - Warm by MahAmmar
I can't believe I have no individual piece of Agnes yet, but oh well. She is a gang leader and Bastien's small bean. She is actually much more reckless and prone to throw herself into shitty situations than he is, but, she is also a top student. Oh, also Gigantera 's OC. 

Jean Rosefinch: Mr.Detective
Jean Rosefinch by MahAmmar  [Expression Meme 2] - ''Damn it, Finch'' by MahAmmar
Jean is the policemen with half a robotic body who does his very best. He is also Bastien's brother. While we haven't even started writting him and Cassie yet, there are a lot of headcanons. 

C.A.S.S.I.E (aka Cassie or Cass): the med droid
C.A.S.S.I.E Concept by MahAmmar
CASSIE is short for "computer adapted for security, subsurveillance, incidents and emergencies", subsurveillance in this case meaning that most of the city is underground. Jean and her are bound to try and be together, but... shenanigans. Oh, she is also Gigantera 's OC. 

Benjin: the birb boy
Benjin, the Avian Archer by MahAmmar
Here is our favorite crappy archer! Ask him anything, I bet he is a blabbermouth. 

Orin: the buff n' fluff

Orin, the Herbologist by MahAmmar
Just don't mention his name rhymes with his boyfriend's. Orin gets flushed easily. 

Lai Petrichor: the out-of-water researcher
Lai, the Academic Explorer by MahAmmar
Quite literaly! Gods, she'd kill to have a pond or something inside the library, but at the same time she'd kill someone if they did project a library with a pond. She is very confused in that area, but I bet her answers are straight! (she isn't tho... ahahaha get it?) 

Now, we also have: 
[gif] - Somebody's Got You by MahAmmar  [Doodle Peek] - R. Copper by MahAmmar  [Pride] - Long Time Resilience by MahAmmar
Sage's parents and Zaji! If you want to ask them stuff, go ahead. 

Oh, and here's a sheet with info about Bastien and Sage: 
Character Sheet 1 - Tiny Animations by MahAmmar that also has Tate in it, a boy that was once Bastien's best friend, and is a very nice friend to Sage. 

That's all, everyone!! Oh my, I'm looking forward to the asks!! I'm so anxious! Llama Emoji 25 (Mah Sexy Cheeks) [V2] 
  • Listening to: trap music (to stay awake)

My dudes, the "Ask My OC" Journal is up!! 

4 deviants said hooray! I'm going to ask stuff
1 deviant said and once again, don't vote on this one! I just wanted to thank you dudes for being so active and awesome and making this whole thing so much more fulfilling and happy for me!! <3
No deviants said meh
No deviants said Geez, I voted! What took you so long? (work *sobs* I'm sorry)'

Drawing Bullet List - Updated 21 March

Let's get down to business! (to defeat, the huns!)
Anywho, I hope my next drawings come from this list that looks infinite! :P

:bulletyellow: do more pixel art but this time like real tiny pixel people of my OC’s (further itens on this);
Steban (for Rach),
Bastien in a somewhat fight game pose
one OC I saw around here that is amazing
:bulletyellow: requests I received ages ago
:bulletyellow: finish “Cigarettes”, my comic test thing
:bulletyellow: human Kraik for Luh
:bulletyellow: a thing with colored pannels for my characters (and Luh's?)
-Bastien and Agnes
-Sage and Mia
-Rorik and Thea
-Cass and Jean
-Tate and Laila
:bulletyellow: drawing of Sage’s bedroom
:bulletyellow: a drawing advertise thing maybe for each cigarette and the iced tea from the rp lore
:bulletyellow: a cute mage drawing
:bulletyellow: Music drawings! - Noir!Kai with Handshake, Goldlocks with Ammunition and Mage with Sexual

In no specific order / bolded are more complicated for me (?)
DONE ( the outter links lead to my Tumblr Account ):

:bulletpink: The collab with Luh
:bulletpink: Myles with his helmet on
:bulletpink: cleaned doodles of Sage (on the restaurant paper)
:bulletpink: Myles’s partner (the anthro crow)
:bulletpink: the centaur (called Inbetween Centaur)

:bulletpink: pixel characters already done:
Pixel Bastien
Pixel Agnes
Pixel Geovanni
Chiaki - Tiny Pixel Animation
Lanceth Pixel Art Lance and Seth cutely pixel kissing
Pixel Sage
[GIFT] - Simon and Regina - Animated Rain
One of the OC's - Braith Sayer [GIFT]

:bulletpink: drawing of stuff I’m watching: Danny Phantom

:bulletpink: colored Sage in a suit:
Following Ghost Steps - Sage in a Suit
Following Ghost Steps - Sage in his Actual Suit

:bulletpink: Kraik stamp
:bulletpink: Bastien and Agnes nice composed drawing
:bulletpink: Sage in the subway going home
:bulletpink: The nice drawing of Bastien in a nice mockup poster style
:bulletpink: Sage dressed as BL2 Zer0
:bulletpink: a high fantasy clothed loraji
:bulletpink: my arm is also done, turned into a page breaker

:dummy: I can do it!

:bulletred: DON'T FORGET :bulletred:
Warn AsaFuzzyCat about the trade when you are done with work



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